Creative Ways to Make Money

Besides the standard methods of earning money (i.e. normal jobs), there are other ways to make cash as well. Many people have found their own ways to riches or just make ends meet. Now obviously, I'm not advocating stealing, or any other illegal methods. Rather, there are many little things you can do to increase your income and decrease your expenditures:

Mystery Shopping

Have you ever heard about mystery shopping? Market research companies and consumer watchdog groups hire "secret shoppers" to shop and dine at certain stores and restaurants. It is then your job to take notes and rate your experience about the place. On top of your base pay, you also get additional perks such as keeping the items you buy or having your meal reimbursed. It's a fun job, but also hard work. You need to have great acting skills so that store managers do not suspect that you are a mystery shopper, and you also are required to have an accurate memory and good writing skills.

Most secret shopping programs require you to pay registration fees to begin work, but one of the industry's top agencies is currently accepting new members for free! (Thanks to Christy P. from Fresno, CA for sharing this information with us!)

Save Money with Coupons

Every dollar you save is basically like a dollar you earn. Are you spending too much money on everyday groceries and toiletries? One way to make money is to cut down on expenses. A dollar saved is a dollar made! There are tons of great free coupons and samples for common household items. Take a look at the selections at your local grocery store and see if there is anything you can save on or get for free!

Maximize Your Tax Credits and Deductions

COMING SOON: 10 tax credits and deductions that you might qualify for!

Indeed, there are many unknown tax credits and deductions out there. You can really get creative and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year when you do your taxes. I am currently compiling a list of the best ones out there and will be posting them here soon!

Submit Your Ideas!

I am looking for other unconventional methods to generate money on the internet. If you have any other ideas that are "outside the box", then feel free to send us an email with your ideas!