Samples and Freebies

Not only can you make free cash on the internet, but you can also save tons of money by ordering free sample products, promotional gifts, and coupons from various brands online. You can get all kinds of free stuff this way. Companies are dying to advertise their new products, and you can take advantage of this!

You can search the internet and find many great freebies, but beware of scams. A good guideline is that when a company wants to offer you a free sample, they should not require more than your name, email address, physical address to ship the sample to, and maybe your telephone number. If they require you to divulge your secure information such as credit card or social security number, then you should sense a scam and get away as far as you can!

I hope you enjoy your free samples. I encourage you to keep hunting for more; I scour the internet every day for freebies, and find quite a few. Jues please remember warning and guidelines I mentioned above about identifying possible scams, and stay away from those.

(NOTE: You may sign up for as many of these offers as you would like. However, you can only register for each service once. Please do not abuse the system by submitting multiple requests to the same program. You will still only receive one sample or coupon pack per address. If you have multiple addresses, we humbly ask that you only sign up for each offer once. Thank you.)