Free Scholarship Offers now proudly presents - free scholarships for students who need money! Companies supporting education bring you great opportunities to finance your education. The initial questionnaire is only comprised of simple answers, so the applications usually take only a few minutes to complete. These scholarships are available to students currently attending an academic institution or individuals who have plans to go back to school or continue their education sometime in the future.

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Scholarships vs Grants

A scholarship is an award of access to an academic institution, or a financial aid award for a student to further education. Scholarships are awarded on various criteria usually reflecting the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award. To the best of our knowledge, the programs listed above do not discriminate based on race, gender, creed, religion, heritage, or orientation. Grants are funds disbursed by one party (grant makers), often a government department, corporation, foundation, or trust, to a recipient, often (but not always) a nonprofit entity, educational institution, business, or an individual.

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If you are not looking for a scholarship, another option to finance your education is to apply for a student loan.